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    IKEA BILLSÅSEN Picture Ledge set of 3- White / Black

    1,850.00 (RS)

    Fun and colorful set of picture ledges, in pink ,teal and navy. Adds a perfect pop of color to your room. Set contains three shelves/picture ledges.

    IKEA CYLINDER Vase, Set of 3, Clear Glass

    4,800.00 (RS)


    Ikea Products
    100% Original Items

    Can be stacked inside one another to save room when storing. Comprises: 1 vase (height 28 cm, dia. 8 cm), 1 vase (height 23 cm, dia. 10 cm) and 1 vase (height 17 cm, dia. 12 cm). Environment The material in this product may be recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area. Materials Glass

    IKEA GLITTRIG Candlestick, set of 3, Ivory, Gold-Colour

    6,000.00 (RS)

    The GLITTRIG series aims to enhance life’s many moments – from cosy evenings to parties. The items in the series are easy to match, so you can create your own functional and beautiful combinations. Soft feet; make the candle holder stand steady and spare the underlying surface. Comprises: 3 candle holders (height 11, 16 and 21 cm).

    IKEA GRANBODA Nest of Tables, Set of 3

    18,500.00 (RS)

    The design makes this piece of furniture easy to place, easy to use for various needs, and easy to match with other furnishings. The smallest table has higher edges that keep items on the table top from sliding off when you move the table. When the tables are nested, the smallest table becomes a hidden storage space where you can put things away but still have them close at hand. Can be used individually or be pushed together to save space. The surface is durable and easy to clean, since it’s made from powder-coated steel. Easy to assemble. Sizes: (length x width x height) 48x33x46 cm, 48x37x48 cm, 48x40x50 cm.

    IKEA KAVALKAD Saucepan, Set of 3

    4,100.00 (RS)

    Ikea Products
    100% Original Items

    The pan’s low weight makes it easy to handle when filled with food.

    Product Size :

    • 1 liter
    • 1.5 liter
    • 2 liter

    IKEA NJUTNING Scented Block Candle, Set Of 3 Blossoming Bergamot

    1,200.00 (RS)

    A spicy scent of bergamot and tea with warm milk. The candles have the same beautiful color and pleasant scent during their entire burn time, because the color and scent runs through the candle.

    IKEA PLUGGHAST Storage tin with lid – set of 3 – multicolour

    1,499.00 (RS)

    Ikea Products
    100% Original Items

    A good size for pens, erasers and clips – or other small things like buttons and hair bands.


    IKEA PLURING Clothes Cover, Set of 3, Transparent White

    1,000.00 (RS)


    Ikea Products
    100% Original Items

    These 3 clothes covers protect your clothes from dirt and dust. Perfect to use when hanging away your party dress, tuxedo or winter jacket.

    IKEA RENSARE Clothes Bag, set of 3, Check Pattern/Grey Black

    1,500.00 (RS)


    Ikea Products
    100% Original Items

    It’s quite nice when clothes and small items have an obvious place and home. You don’t have to look for socks and earphones when you’re on the go in the morning – and you can pack the suitcase in a snap You can keep trousers and t-shirts in the large bag. If you roll them up you will have space for more. The small bags hold everything from underwear and socks to earphones.

    IKEA SJALSLIGT Decoration Set of 3, Green

    5,000.00 (RS)

    You can decorate your home with green plants without having to water them, since the cactuses are made from ceramic. Comprises: 1 cactus (height 18 cm, dia. 9 cm), 1 cactus (height 16 cm, dia. 8 cm) and 1 cactus (height 9 cm, dia. 10 cm).

    NJUTNING Scented Block Candle, Set of 3, Lilac Lavender Bliss,Lilac

    1,950.00 (RS)

    A warm and balanced scent of lavender, honey and wood. The candles have the same beautiful colour and pleasant scent during their entire burning time, as they are coloured through and scented through.

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