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    IKEA ATERSKEN Floor Lamp, Clear Glass

    16,000.00 (RS)

    Ikea Products
    100% Original Items

    The glass shade provides balanced general lighting throughout the room.

    Product Size :

    ÅTERSKEN Floor lamp 704.352.59

    • Max.: 13 W
    • Height: 160 cm
    • Base diameter: 27 cm
    • Shade diameter: 27 cm
    • Cord length: 2.0 m

    IKEA BARLAST Floor Lamp Black / White -150 cm

    3,200.00 (RS)

    This floor lamp with a clean design assembles in a flash. And since the packaging is compact, we can fit many on the same pallet. Good for the environment – and one of the reasons behind the low price. Gives a diffused light which is good for spreading a lot of light around the room. The shade provides a soft, glare-free light that is comfortable for your eyes.

    IKEA FORSA Floor Lamp, Black

    19,800.00 (RS) 20,500.00 (RS)

    Ikea Products
    100% Original Items

    Classic steel floor lamp that will brighten up your day. The arm and shade are adjustable – making it a perfect reading lamp to have by the desk, bed or sofa.

    IKEA HEKTOGRAM Floor Uplighter, Silver-Colour-White

    6,500.00 (RS)

    Ikea Products
    100% Original Items

    The top of this floor uplighter has a glossy white lampshade that directs light upwards and spreads a diffused, pleasant light around a room. A good choice for those who want a lot of light for the money.

    Product Size :

    HEKTOGRAM Floor uplighter

    • Max.: 13 W
    • Height: 176 cm
    • Base diameter: 24 cm
    • Shade diameter: 22 cm
    • Cord length: 1.7 m

    IKEA SOLLEFTEA Floor Lamp, Oval White

    8,400.00 (RS)

    Ikea Products
    100% Original Items

    The round, plump shape is given extra depth with a double layer of rice paper – the inner layer is plain and the outer layer is perforated. This hides the bulb and spreads a soft, glare-free light.


    • Max.: 40 W
    • Shade width: 33 cm
    • Height: 128 cm
    • Base diameter: 22 cm
    • Cord length: 1.7 m

    IKEA TAGARP Floor Uplighter/Reading Lamp, Black/White

    5,100.00 (RS)

    Two lamps with the same base, at an unbeatable price. One spreads a pleasant light upwards and the other is a directable reading lamp. Both are also partly made of recycled plastic – good for our climate.

    IKEA VICKLEBY Floor Lamp, Handmade/White -136 cm

    3,900.00 (RS)

    This floor lamp with a handmade lampshade in rice paper spreads a soft, cosy light that makes your room feel inviting. It also takes up little space thanks to its oval shape and neat metal legs

    IKEA YPPERLIG LED Floor Lamp, Dark Grey

    16,200.00 (RS)

    A built-in variable touch dimmer means that you can turn off, turn on, and dim the lamp with only a light touch of your finger. You can easily direct the light where you want it because the lamp arm and head are adjustable. Good non-glare light. The LED light source consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs. As the light can be dimmed, you are able to choose lighting suitable for every occasion. Light colour: warm white (2700 Kelvin).