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    IKEA HÅLLBAR Bin with Lid, 22L – Light Grey

    3,400.00 (RS)

    Ikea Products
    100% Original Items

    HÅLLBAR bins are designed to meet different waste sorting needs. This bin is perfect for sorting things like cardboard, plastic, paper, bottles, glass, tin cans, envelopes and advertising mail. HÅLLBAR bins are stackable to save space. Place same-size bins on top of each other or place smaller bins on top of the larger ones.

    IKEA FNISS Waste Bin 10 l

    750.00 (RS)

    Ikea Products
    100% Original Items

    Plastic is a durable material which is simple to wipe clean.

    IKEA HALLBAR Bin With Lid, Light Grey 3 L

    1,600.00 (RS)

    Ikea Products
    100% Original Items

    Are you curious about how your waste can become new resources? HÅLLBAR series helps you sort different materials into different bins – a simple action and the first step towards giving waste a new life.

    Product Size ;

    HÅLLBAR Bin with lid

    • Lower outer measure, depth: 11.7 cm
    • Lower outer measure, width: 16.6 cm
    • Upper outer measure, depth: 16.2 cm
    • Upper outer measure, width: 20.0 cm
    • Height: 17.1 cm
    • Volume: 3 l

    IKEA SORTERA Waste Sorting Bin With Lid, 37 l White

    3,000.00 (RS)

    Ikea Products
    100% Original Items

    This durable, plastic storage bin has a foldable lid that makes it easy to open even if you have several bins stacked on top of each other. Use several boxes for sorting different types waste - or laundry.

    Product Size :

    SORTERA Waste sorting bin with lid

    • Width: 41 cm
    • Depth: 55 cm
    • Height: 28 cm
    • Volume: 37 l